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A twin flame relationship is unlike any other connection you will ever have.

It is a love that is soulful: transcending the physical world and existing on another plane.

When you meet your twin flame, it feels as though everything has finally fallen into place. You are no longer searching for this person; they are right in front of you.

But what do you do if your twin flame isn’t with you? Maybe you are going through the separation stage of your relationship, or maybe they’ve simply gone on a trip.

How can you cope with loneliness and keep the fire of your rekindled spark alive until you see them again?

Keep reading to learn more!

1) Know that you are not alone

One of the biggest challenges you may face while your twin flame is away is the feeling that you are alone.

I know that when I was first separated from my twin flame I began to doubt that he’ll ever come back and started to worry about how I’ll make it without him.

Needless to say, I was worried for no reason.

So no matter how overwhelming the feeling of being alone can get, it’s important to remember that you are not alone!

Think about it:

You have a whole network of friends and family who love you and are there to support you and help you get through this challenging time.

You can also try to look at this time apart as a positive thing. Perhaps you both needed space to grow and learn new things about yourselves and your relationship.

This could be a great opportunity for you to reflect and work on yourself so that you are the best version of yourself when you reunite with your twin flame.

2) Remember the greatness of your relationship

When you’re feeling lonely and down, it can be easy to let your negative thoughts get the best of you.

You may find yourself focusing on everything that is wrong with your situation and what you don’t have.

But what can you do?

The best way to combat this is to remember the greatness of your relationship. Focus on the positive aspects of your relationship, such as the way your twin flame makes you feel when you’re together or how they make you a better person.

On top of this, you can remember to be patient while you wait for your partner to return.

If you’re going through twin flame separation, it could take some time for your twin flame to make the decision to return to you.

There may be many factors that contribute to their decision, and you may not always be aware of what they are. So, it’s important to trust that your partner will come back when they’re ready and in their own way.

The bottom line is to stay positive and think about the good times you’ve shared and will share again when you are reunited.

3) Keep your flame burning while you’re apart

I’ve found that one of the best ways to keep your twin flame’s presence in your life while they’re away is to keep an item of theirs with you at all times.

This can be something as simple as a piece of clothing, a memento, or a piece of jewelry.

You can also keep a journal or scrapbook, and write down memories, feelings, and thoughts about your relationship. This can help you to stay connected with your twin flame and bring you comfort and joy even when you’re feeling down.

You can even use their photo as your phone or computer wallpaper to have them with you at all times.

If you want some more ideas on how to keep the connection between you and your twin flame strong while you are apart and how to keep the flame burning, I recommend speaking to a gifted advisor.

Now, if you’ve never spoken to a psychic before, I know that it can seem a little daunting and that you’re probably wondering, “Where do you even find one?”

I recommend getting in touch with someone from Psychic Source because they were super helpful when my twin flame relationship was in trouble.

They’ve got dozens of psychics to choose from so you’re bound to find someone that “speaks to you”.

The psychic I spoke to was not only insightful but also very kind and sweet, in fact, she reminded me of my favorite aunt.

So if you want some advice tailored to your relationship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. You won’t regret it.

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4) Develop a new hobby or activity

One of the best ways to keep your mind off of the fact that your twin flame isn’t with you is to fill your time with other activities.

Doing new things, like trying a new hobby, can be a great distraction from the loneliness you’re feeling.

You’ll find that as you get involved in your new hobby, you have less time to dwell on what you’re missing out on – being with your twin flame.

Keeping busy will help you to feel less lonely and depressed when you’re by yourself. You may even make new friends as you get more involved in your new hobby or activity!

5) Network and meet new people

When you’re feeling alone, it can be easy to isolate yourself.

You may want to avoid meeting new people and engaging with others because you feel like your twin flame is the only person who truly understands you.

However, meeting new people can actually be beneficial to you during this challenging time in your life.

As I mentioned above, finding a new hobby or activity is a great way to meet people. When my twin flame spent two months in Asia for work, I actually took up pottery and made some great friends.

You can do some volunteer work or get more involved in your community. This can be a great opportunity to meet interesting people who can enrich your life.

6) Connect with loved ones

When you’re in an intense relationship – such as a twin flame relationship – it’s easy to be consumed by one another and forget about the rest of the world. That’s partly why it’s so hard to be apart.

But you need to remember that there’s a whole world out there.

In fact, one of the best ways to stop missing your twin so much is to spend some time with your loved ones.

You can reach out to your friends and family to let them know that you need their support.

Remember that your friends and family love you and are there for you no matter what.

7) Go on a vision quest

If you and your twin flame have been apart for a while, you may want to consider going on a vision quest.

You’re probably asking yourself, “A what now?”

This is a ceremonial activity that you do in solitude to reconnect with your inner or spiritual self, the Earth and nature, and the creator.

You can do this at any time of the year, but it’s particularly appropriate during the autumnal equinox, which is when the seasons change and the leaves fall from the trees.

When you go on a vision quest, you are trying to attain a visionary state of consciousness.

This is a natural, altered state that is available to everyone and is often used by indigenous cultures to attain spiritual insights.

Personally, I’ve never gone on a vision quest but I know several people that have and it really helped them gain perspective when they were having a tough time.

Because I’m no expert on vision quests, if you’re interested in going on one, you should definitely talk to someone at Psychic Source about it.

They’ll be able to explain the process to you better than I can and they can even guide you through the whole process if you decide to go through with it.

Get in touch with a professional psychic and find out more.

8) Learn to be content alone

It’s not always easy to be alone. But learning to be alone and happy in your own company is actually a very beneficial life skill.

Learning to be content alone can really help you miss your twin flame less and function normally when they’re not around.

The thing is that you can be happy without your twin flame in your life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need them in your life. Obviously, twin flames share such a deep connection that they should be together, they make each others’ lives better.

What it means is that they’re not the only good thing in your life: There are other people, experiences, and things that make you happy.

Work on accepting where you are in life and making the most of it while you’re waiting for your twin flame to come back to you.

9) Write about your feelings

Here’s one way to process and work through your emotions when you’re feeling alone: Write about your feelings.

You can do this through journaling or writing poetry.

I’ve found writing to be a great way to release my emotions and get them out of my system so that they don’t keep me up at night or negatively affect my day-to-day life.

10) Be grateful

No matter how badly you want to be with your twin flame and how terrible it feels to be apart, it’s important to stay positive and be grateful for everything good in your life.

Be grateful that you found your twin flame. Be grateful for your friends and family. Be grateful for you health.

And while feelings of longing and emptiness are incredibly hard to deal with, it is important that you recognize that they are there for a reason.

Instead of focusing on what you do not have, try using your loneliness as a force to bring positive change into your life.

This can include improving your relationships with friends and family, achieving a dream you have been putting off, or even taking the time to learn something new.

11) Work on your relationship with yourself

A big part of your twin flame relationship is about self-love and acceptance.

If you are constantly putting yourself down or feeling guilty for things you have done in the past, you are not able to fully embrace your relationship with your twin flame.

You have to learn to love yourself before you can fully embrace a relationship with your twin flame. This means working on improving your self-confidence and self-esteem, forgiving yourself for past mistakes, and learning to appreciate what makes you unique.

Look at your time apart as an opportunity to work on yourself.

12) Accept the situation you find yourself in

If your twin flame is currently unable to be with you, try to be grateful that they are safe where they are.

If they are in a place where they are happy or have work they are really passionate about, then you have to accept that they are where they need to be.

This can be an incredibly difficult thing to do, but you must remember that it is not your decision where they go or what they do.

You have to let them make those choices for themselves. When the time is right, they’ll come back to you.

13) Treat yourself to something nice

When you are feeling low, it can be easy to fall into a cycle of self-neglect.

We often forget to take care of ourselves when we are feeling lonely, but it’s incredibly easy to break the cycle.

Rather than letting yourself fall into a cycle of negativity, try reminding yourself that you deserve to be happy.

Treat yourself to something nice, whether that be a new piece of clothing, a trip to the movies, or a nice meal. Personally, I go to my favorite bakery for a chocolate muffin.

When we show ourselves love and appreciation, it is easier to accept the challenges life throws at us.

14) Do things that make you happy

When you miss your twin flame, try creating a list of things that make you happy and scheduling them into your life.

Whether this is going to the movies or taking a trip to the beach, it can be incredibly helpful in making you feel better.

It can help you reignite that passion and excitement that makes you feel alive.

It is also a wonderful way to spend time with yourself, which is often something that we forget to do.

15) Talk to someone about how you feel

It can be incredibly helpful to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Whether this is a good friend or someone who is trained in listening and providing support, it can help you to feel better and move on from your loneliness.

It can also be a great way to explore your feelings and gain a new perspective on the situation.

16) Meditate

When you are feeling the lowest, it can be incredibly difficult to get yourself out of bed and into a positive frame of mind.

In my experience, meditation can be an incredibly helpful way of getting your mind and body back into a state of calm as well as keeping you from falling back into a negative frame of mind.

It is helpful for breaking the cycle of negative thoughts that can often plague someone who is lonely.

There are many types of meditation to choose from. I like to do mindful meditation. You’ll find many free sources and audio guides online to get you started.

17) Don’t constantly check up on your twin flame

While you are eagerly awaiting your twin flame’s return, it can be all too easy to constantly check up on them.

This can include constantly searching social media, reading their blog posts, or scouring the internet for any information you can find about them.

But this constant checking can make you feel out of control and agitated, and it can also have a negative impact on your twin flame.

That’s why it’s important to keep yourself in check and constantly remind yourself that you have no control over their actions.

18) Take care of yourself: eat well and sleep

Finally, it is important to take care of yourself and look after your physical and mental health.

This includes eating well and getting enough sleep.

It can be incredibly easy to let yourself fall off the rails when you are feeling lonely, and it is important to remember that your physical health is just as important as your mental health.

Your physical health can impact your mental health, and vice versa.

You may want to put some time aside to focus on yourself and your emotions and make sure that you’re taking care of your mental and emotional health.

You can do this by writing in your journal, meditating, or simply spending time with loved ones.

It’s important to find healthy ways to cope with your emotions. You can turn to different outlets, such as exercise, working on a hobby, reading, or listening to music.

Final thoughts

I hope my 18 tips help you miss your twin flame less!

Being away from your twin flame is no easy thing and if you find yourself missing them all the time, I completely understand you.

But you have to remember that while your twin flame relationship is amazing and super important, there are other things in life that can make you happy.

Spend some time with your loved ones and keep busy with things you love doing – this will certainly make it easier to be apart from your twin.

And another thing, remember to take care of yourself – this means eating healthily, drinking lots of water, and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. It also means going for nature walks and getting exercise.

If you feel like it would be good to talk to someone, don’t be scared to get in touch with a gifted advisor from Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier. They’re the real deal otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending them.

They’ll help you get through your twin flame separation and work on the relationship you have with yourself.

And the best part? You don’t have to make an appointment weeks in advance or go anywhere. You can talk to them from the comfort of your own home.

All you have to do is go to their webpage and pick a psychic to talk to.


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