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12 signs your twin flame is thinking of you (spiritual and sexual signs)

  Having a twin flame is an interesting experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking at times. A few months ago I was pretty sure that I had finally found my twin flame and things were going really well. The problem? Well, I was thinking about my twin flame 24/7 and I just didn’t know […]

10 signs your twin flame is communicating with you

  Do you ever wonder if your twin flame is communicating with you? I know I did, but I never knew what signs to look for to know for sure. It was quite frustrating, to be honest, I wanted nothing more than to be certain about whether or not they were communicating with me. That’s […]

17 big signs your twin flame is manifesting you

  Have you been feeling such a strong connection to someone that you thought they might be manifesting you? This is what’s happened to me lately. Strange feelings such as thinking about someone else without any intention, having dreams about this person, and feeling changes in my energy made me contact a professional psychic. And […]

24 physical signs your twin flame’s thinking of you

  Twin flames share a powerful connection that transcends the 3D realm. When you meet them, it will seem as if you’ve always known them. Because of this intense bond, you may experience physical symptoms when they think of you. We’ve listed the top 24 physical signs that your twin flame is thinking of you so […]

12 psychic signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually

  Your twin flame is your soul’s other half – someone with whom you share an intense connection. Because of this connection, you can feel your ‘mirror soul’ thinking about you sexually. Here are 12 signs that should alert you to these intimate thoughts: 1) You feel a strong sexual urge Do you suddenly find […]

26 signs you have a spiritual connection with someone you’ve never met

  As technologies advance our social circles are becoming so much wider than just the people we encounter in our daily lives. We live in a world where it’s possible to instantly connect online with others from the opposite side of the globe. We can gain a real insight into one another’s existence through their […]

17 twin flames telepathy signs during separation

  Twin flame relationships share an eternal bond, but they go through a tough, painful period of separation. Wondering what happened, what your runner flame is thinking, or what will happen next can tear you apart. While being in the separation stage is heart-wrenching, it’s the phase where twin flames take time to heal and […]

17 beautiful signs your twin flame loves you

  Maybe your twin flame isn’t as vocal as their love for you. The good thing is many indications say so! All you need to do is look for these 17 beautiful signs that your twin flame truly loves you. 1) There’s an instant connection Twin flames share a deep, unique connection. That’s why you […]