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Are you experiencing these twin flame surrender symptoms? Epic guide

    “Only the bravest souls signed up for the twin flame journey” – Beti Kotevski   Have you ever felt like you’re at war with your soul? There are many emotional and psychological symptoms of the twin flame surrender. It can feel like you’re struggling to survive, in a constant state of discomfort, whether […]

How to get your twin flame to chase you: 15 things to do

  Twin flames are meant for each other. However, this doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly between them. The simple truth is that you can’t avoid the runner/chaser dynamic in a twin flame relationship. This is because twin flames crave union, but paradoxically they don’t know how to achieve it. So, they chase each other […]

10 steps to manifest your twin flame reunion (no bullsh*t guide)

  So you’re desperately awaiting your twin flame reunion but it just doesn’t seem to be happening? Have you tried manifesting it? With these 10 steps I will teach you today, you will manifest your twin flame reunion in no time! 1) Do some soul searching – what do you want and need? This is […]

Will my twin flame ever talk to me again? 10 reasons he’s ignoring you

  If you’ve been chasing your twin flame and still haven’t gotten the response you wanted, then you might be wondering if he’s ignoring you. Maybe you feel like your twin flame has stopped talking to you. Or maybe they stopped giving you the attention that you wanted from them. In this case, they may […]

9 twin flame body changes when you finally reunite with your partner

  Finding love in this life is truly difficult. Finding twin flame is even harder. If you’ve been so lucky that you can say that you’ve truly found the other half of your soul in your partner’s body, there are some physical changes you can expect. If you have found your twin recently, you may […]

10 twin flame union signs

  The twin flame union is an important stage in the twin flame journey. It’s when you get to know your partner and finally realize that they are the one for you. This can be quite challenging at first if you feel like everything is so new and different. However, with these 10 twin flame […]