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“Only the bravest souls signed up for the twin flame journey” – Beti Kotevski


Have you ever felt like you’re at war with your soul?

There are many emotional and psychological symptoms of the twin flame surrender.

It can feel like you’re struggling to survive, in a constant state of discomfort, whether that’s due to the feeling of being pulled apart or the longing for someone who is so close but still unreachable.

Now, I believe that the reason why so many people struggle with twin flame surrender is because they don’t understand what it is, or perhaps they are not aware that it even exists.

I’ll try to help you out, so keep on reading!

The twin flame surrender experience

“I’m afraid of losing him.”

“He’s so far away!”

“How can I hold onto him when he’s not here?”

“I can’t stand being without him.”

Or it can feel like you’re free-falling into a dark void, with no sense of direction or control.

This is the feeling of the twin flame surrender symptoms. You’re starting to realize that you will never be able to fully feel your lover ever again.

The reality is you’re starting to sense the loss of your twin flame. They are no longer present in your life and that realization is wearing you down.

Considering how long it took to find him, this is your body now reacting violently to his absence.

You feel the pain so deeply that it is uncomfortable and wearing you down. That’s why the symptoms are referred to as “Twin Flame Surrender Symptoms”.

Nevertheless, the surrender process is a healing journey that starts with self-love and divine alignment.

Here are some of the most common twin flame surrender symptoms

These Twin Flame Surrender Symptoms are a natural reaction to being without your twin flame and they can be quite discomforting.

But it is also very important during this time, to remember that these symptoms will pass, and you will begin to feel better again.

Simply, think of this like the flu you get when you’re really ill – albeit unpleasant, it’s only temporary and will pass!

1) Feeling like you’re being pulled apart

This is the closest I can describe this unusual feeling. You may even experience being inside your body and then suddenly being pulled out.

Other people may be directing you to your twin flame, but he is not there with you, nor is he near you.

Without a doubt, it’s a certain kind of twin flame surrender symptom.

You could be feeling a sense of desperation and hopelessness as if you’ve just given up on life and all that is left is this connection with them.

You’re tired of fighting the pull, tired of being kept prisoner by your own heart. You feel as though your spirit is being drained.

It’s like you’re clinging onto this reality by a thread that is slowly fraying and breaking apart. You’re losing your grip.

2) The feeling of needing to surrender

You may start to experience the feeling of being “held hostage” by your twin flame.

As if he holds you and if you try to fight him, you won’t win the battle.

This is how you start to feel like you need to surrender because your body is telling you that he’s no longer with you, but he’s still grasping on.

There comes a point when you realize that although you are experiencing the symptoms of twin flame surrender, it is something that is happening to you, rather than something that you can make stop or happen in any way.

You’ll soon realize that you can only heal what is going on inside of you.  You’ll realize that you are the only person who can heal your body, mind and soul.

3) Feeling extreme longing and/or desperation to be with your twin flame

Does this sound like you?

    • You start to be desperate for your twin flame and it is all you think about.


    • You feel like you aren’t living your life and you’re constantly missing him.


    • You can’t stand the agony and pain of being without him, feeling like you can no longer function normally in your day-to-day life.


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4) Feeling overly emotional – possibly even hysterical

I think it’s important to note that the emotional and psychological twin flame surrender symptoms are extremely draining to deal with.

You’re not really sure how to feel about anything anymore and you’re constantly questioning everything.

As if you’re coming apart at the seams and someone could just pick you up and take you away. You start to feel completely out of control and emotional.

At times, you can’t stop the emotions from drowning you.

To make things worse, this can lead to you feeling out of control, possibly even hysterical and it can be very disturbing.

This is certainly a twin flame surrender symptom as your body and mind are reacting to the shock of not having your twin flame physically with you anymore.

You might also find that you are constantly worrying about this person, your thoughts consumed with them and their wellbeing even when they’re not around.

5) Feeling restless and unable to sit still, yet feeling exhausted

Are constantly on the go yet exhausted to the core?

Remarkably, during this time you’ll find that you’re unable to sit still for long periods of time and you can’t lie down and rest.

    • You start to feel restless and like you’re unable to sit still for any period of time.


    • You feel like you have no peace and have no control over your emotions.


    • You feel like you can’t stop yourself from crying or feeling extremely emotional.


It’s a feeling of extreme exhaustion, yet your body feels restless and unable to sit still.

You find yourself constantly talking about your twin flame, to other people, as if you need to prove that he’s “real”.

You know in your heart that if things carry on like this, you’re going to lose everything – including your own identity.

It’s really, really hard to find the will to go on living, when you feel trapped and held captive by the thoughts of someone at the other end of the universe.

6) Uneasiness, anxiety, irritability, or anger because nothing seems to be enough or ‘right’

Are you in a constant state of unease? Are you starting to feel “upset” or “guilty” about the situation?

As things are, nothing is enough, and you may even feel a sense of irritability or anger because of it.

This is a feeling that you can’t seem to get enough of and it’s driving you crazy!  You need more or “rightness”.

You want it to be just right, and you want everything to be perfect.

Beyond that, you might even start to act out with frustration and anger.

This is another of the twin flame surrender symptoms because it’s your body telling you that your twin flame is no longer with you… but he’s still holding on.

Strictly speaking – you’re not in control and your body is trying to tell you that!

7) Feeling like there is not enough time in a day because you’re always thinking about your twin flame

Picture this: Time slows down and you lose track of the days passing by.

Everything feels like forever, and you are always thinking about your twin flame.

It’s a feeling that things aren’t moving fast enough for you because you want more moments with him. You find it almost impossible to get anything done.

You want to talk to him, feel him and communicate with him.

You want him to know that you still exist, and you want him to be a part of your life.

Well, this is known as experiencing the twin flame surrender symptoms.

It’s almost like a sense of urgency. You feel there is not enough time in a day and you’re always running or rushing to catch up with something.

It is also very natural for people who are grieving and still search for their lost loved one.

8) Avoidance of people you know who are taking up your time

By now, you’re most likely very drained and exhausted from all the emotions that you experience from being with your twin flame.

You start to frantically avoid people because you don’t want to talk or be around them.

Additionally, you might start avoiding situations that you used to enjoy because they remind you of your twin flame and the loss of him.

You feel like you’re losing your friends because they’re all taking up too much of your time.

You are bored because you’re not able to function normally in your daily life without your twin flame and you feel like there’s no point in doing anything without him.

As a result, you probably find it harder and harder to get anything done.

9) Feeling like you’re ‘missing out’ on something

So, are you missing out on something? You don’t know what it is, but you perceive there’s an opportunity being lost.

You might be missing out on your twin flame.  It’s as if he’s a part of something that others are experiencing, but you’re not.

You are carrying the weight of a loss on your shoulders because you might see other people experiencing your twin flame and you don’t have him with you anymore.

The truth is that you no longer feel like you’re living without him. You feel like he’s still there and that he’s just not “with you”.

You try to take part in activities but it’s different and you know it.

You start to intuitively sense like there’s something that you should be doing or experiencing but you don’t know what it is.

10) Discomfort with your own body because you can’t figure out why these feelings are happening to you or how to eliminate the symptoms

These twin flame surrender symptoms feel uncomfortable, and you sense that something is wrong.  You can’t seem to put your finger on it, though.

At times, you feel like your body is not yours and there are feelings of discomfort, pain and even illness.

But please don’t worry, these are the underlying feelings and sensations of twin flame surrender symptoms.

These are not your true feelings, and you need to remember that these symptoms only exist because you’re trying to resist your twin flame.

You’re resisting what is yours, your connection to him.

You’re defying your twin flame and trying to lock yourself away from him.

This is a defense mechanism created by you, the twin flame, to protect you from him when you are no longer able to survive on your own.

Having a blast! – My twin flame surrender recovery guide

Now that you’ve read through these 10 Symptoms of the Twin Flame Surrender Experience, I want you to think back on when and how the symptoms started to manifest?

Did they start out as something that was very manageable and then all of a sudden, BAM! – it all hit you at once like a brick?

This is one of the ways it happens.  And it can be quite shocking and overwhelming.

Chances as, you never know where or when the next attack will hit.

You can be walking through a grocery store and suddenly you feel an overwhelming need to run away from everyone and everything that is around you.

It’s hard to explain what this feels like, but it’s one of the ways the Twin Flame Surrender Symptoms can manifest in your life.

If you are going through these twin flame surrender symptoms, and you’re feeling a little bit stuck, here is a guide to help you find yourself again:

Twin flame surrender tips to help you survive

1) Try to surround yourself with the people who love you. Find someone you can have a good cry with. It’s important to spend time with those who care about and support you as your twin flame will be around for a very long time.

2) Take time to reflect on the relationship you had with your twin flame. In doing this, you will be able to come to terms with your twin flame’s absence rather than focus on the pain and longing.

3) Surround yourself with calming visuals and things that make you smile. I am always drawn to happy pictures, quotes, and music when I am feeling down.

4) Focus on being healthy and eating well. This will help your mind and body as they are directly related.   You can also try to meditate or repeat a mantra that you find peaceful.

5) Write about what you’re experiencing in a journal or blog website like this one. Having a space to vent and express your feelings can be very helpful.

6) If you can, get outside and spend time in nature. Getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air can help you feel better again if only for a short while.

7) Try to dream about your twin flame. It can help with the longing and may also serve to refresh your mind and body. Trust me, it’s worth trying!

8) Know that it will get easier over time once you are able to see yourself again, in the fullness of who you are without your twin flame in your life.

9) Make a plan of what you’re going to do when you see your twin flame again. Doing this may help to keep your mind busy.

10) Focus on being grateful for all of the time you still have with that person in your life. This can be the space, time and communication that you have with your partner now and please remember that it doesn’t end when Twin Flame Surrender begins.

Final thoughts

It’s taken a lot of courage just to read this far; more than most people will ever know.

To know that there are others going through something similar to what you’re experiencing must be so comforting, even if it’s only to consider the possibility that you’re not as crazy as you thought.

Yes, I know exactly how you feel…

I can promise you one thing, though – I understand how it feels to be consumed by this experience.

There are various emotional and spiritual lessons that need to be learned in order to reach a place where you can see your twin flame surrender as a blessing rather than a burden.

Once you’re able to truly grasp the significance of your twin flame experience, you’ll be empowered once you realize that if nothing else, this journey has allowed you to reconnect with your authentic self.

Don’t expect all of the answers to be clear and laid out for you immediately; it may take some time for these ideas to permeate into your consciousness.

I encourage you to read through this guide more than once, taking your time at each step so that you can truly understand what’s going on and then integrate some healing into your life.


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