9 signs that separation from your twin flame is just a temporary phase


Are you feeling a bit upset because you and your twin flame are not together right now?

Well, don’t worry too much. It’s quite common for twin flames to have time apart before they can be together again.

Sometimes, life needs us to grow on our own before we can be in a strong relationship. It’s like life’s way of saying, “Wait a bit! You both need some time alone.”

But how do you know if this time apart is just a small bump in the road or something that could last longer? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

In this article, we’ll give you 9 signs that show you’re just going through a brief pause with your twin flame.

1. You still feel a strong connection

Even though you’re physically apart, you still feel tied to them in a very deep manner. It’s like an invisible thread that keeps you two connected, no matter how far apart you are.

You might think about them often, dream about them, or even sense their emotions sometimes. This energetic pull is a clear indication that the separation phase is temporary.

Remember, just because you’re not in the same physical space doesn’t mean your bond is weakened.

So hang in there, because this phase will pass!

2. You’re growing as an individual

One of the main reasons twin flames separate is because they need to grow individually before they can come together in a more meaningful way. So, if you find yourself learning new things, picking up new habits, or just generally becoming a better version of yourself, it’s a good sign this separation is just temporary.

Your life appears to be nudging you towards some self-focus for a while. You might be developing new skills, understanding your emotions better, or gaining a clearer idea of what you want from life and relationships.

This personal growth phase is vital for making your twin flame relationship stronger in the long run.

Don’t rush it!

Embrace this time to focus on yourself. It’s all part of the journey towards a more fulfilling twin flame reunion.

3. Synchronicities keep happening

This one is something I’ve personally experienced, and it’s a pretty clear sign that the separation from your twin flame might just be temporary.

So here’s the thing, during our time apart, I kept seeing synchronicities everywhere. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, synchronicities are meaningful coincidences that seem to happen randomly but actually have a deeper connection or purpose.

For me, it was seeing his birthdate everywhere. I would glance at the clock and it would be exactly that time, or I’d end up with a receipt where the total was his birthdate. It was like the universe was sending me little reminders of him.

These synchronicities often felt like little winks from the universe, reassuring me that our separation was temporary and that we were still connected on a deeper level.

You might be seeing your twin flame’s name everywhere too. It’s the universe way of telling you to hang in there!

I’ll explain more in the following point.

4. You start seeing their name everywhere

Now, this may seem strange, but it’s actually rooted in psychology. The phenomenon is known as the Baader-Meinhof effect or frequency illusion. This occurs when a word, name, or thing you just learned about suddenly appears to crop up everywhere.

So, if you’re noticing your twin flame’s name popping up everywhere – in books, TV shows, street signs, or even casual conversations – it might not be a mere coincidence.

Seeing their name frequently can serve as a gentle reminder from the universe that your twin flame is still very much a part of your life, even if you’re physically apart right now. And that’s a pretty reassuring message to hold onto during this phase of separation.

5. Your dreams feature them often

Did you know that our dreams can often deliver important messages and insights?

It’s an interesting fact that our subconscious mind uses dreams to process emotions and situations that we might not be fully aware of when we’re awake.

When you’re constantly dreaming of your twin flame, it’s likely a hint that you two will reunite soon. These dreams could be about anything – having conversations with them, going on adventures together, or even having arguments.

The key here is not what happens in the dream, but the fact they are appearing in them frequently. It’s like your subconscious is reminding you of your deep connection, keeping the bond alive even when you’re physically apart.

Tune into your dreams; they could be dropping hints about your twin flame adventure!

6. You feel a sense of peace

One sign that the separation from your twin flame is just a phase is an underlying sense of peace. Now, this might feel a bit strange because, let’s be honest, breakups or separations are usually filled with turmoil and confusion. But with twin flames, it’s different.

You might have moments of sadness or loneliness, sure. But at the core of it all, you feel a strange sense of calm. It’s like somewhere deep within you, there’s a voice whispering that everything is going to be okay.

This peace comes from the knowledge that you and your twin flame share a bond that goes beyond the physical realm. No matter the distance or the time apart, this bond remains unbroken. And this understanding fills you with a tranquility that can’t be easily shaken.

7. You feel their presence

This one may sound a bit odd, but hear me out. During my separation from my twin flame, even though we were miles apart, I often felt his presence. It was as if he was right there with me, even when he physically wasn’t.

I would be doing the simplest of things – reading a book, cooking dinner, or even just taking a walk – and suddenly I’d feel a warmth, a familiarity that’s hard to put into words. It felt like he was there, sharing that moment with me.

I believe this is another sign that the separation from your twin flame is temporary. Feeling their presence is a way your souls communicate and reassure each other of the unbroken bond you share.

And trust me, it’s one of the most comforting feelings you can experience during this phase of separation.

8. You’ve tried to move on, but it just doesn’t feel right

Alright, let’s be completely honest here. You’ve probably tried to move on. Maybe you’ve tried dating other people, or you’ve tried to bury yourself in work or hobbies to distract from the emptiness. And that’s okay. It’s a human instinct to want to fill that void, to want to feel okay again.

But no matter what you do, it just doesn’t feel right, does it? There’s a nagging feeling in the back of your mind, a tug at your heartstrings that tells you something is missing.

This isn’t because you’re not trying hard enough or because there’s something wrong with you. It’s because your soul recognizes its counterpart in your twin flame and knows that the bond you share is irreplaceable.

This isn’t to say you should put your life on hold or refuse opportunities for happiness. But if trying to move on feels like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it might be a sign that your separation from your twin flame is just a temporary phase.

9. You just know

This final sign is arguably the most personal one.

It’s difficult to explain, but sometimes, you just know. Deep down in your gut, there’s a feeling, a certainty that tells you that this is just a phase and your twin flame will return.

I remember during my time of separation, amidst all the doubts and fears, there was this unshakeable conviction — a voice in my heart that would whisper, “This is not the end.” And it was right.

This ‘knowing’ isn’t based on logic or reasoning. It’s something that resonates with your soul because your soul recognizes its counterpart in your twin flame. It knows that the bond you share is too strong to be broken by physical distance or time.

So trust that feeling. Trust your intuition. Our gut feelings are often our soul’s way of communicating with us. Listen to it and hold onto hope. Your journey with your twin flame is far from over.

Don’t stop believing

Twin flame relationships are deeply emotional and can be both rewarding and tough. Sometimes, you might feel distant or separated, but this is often just a period for growth and reflection.

There are signs that show this distance is temporary – like still feeling connected, experiencing reminders of them, or just having a gut feeling. It’s essential to be patient and understand that everything happens for a reason. These separations can prepare both of you for a stronger and more meaningful reunion.

Stay hopeful and trust the journey. If it’s meant to be, life will bring you both back together when the time is right.


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