What is the 72 hour twin flame test? Everything you need to know


If you want to know if you have already met your twin flame or if you have one, then you can try the twin flame test.

Twin flame tests are tests that can tell you if you have a twin flame or not.

It is a way for those in the Twin Flame community to compare themselves to others and make sure their “twin” is their twin.

One test, known as the 72-hour twin flame test, is a simple process that many twins use to test the quality of their connection with their twin flame.

It is said that the test will tell you if you have met your twin flame within 72 hours.

The test is easy to complete and can show your love for them in a different light, helping you determine if they are your twin flame or not.

But what is it, really, and how will it help you know the truth about your twin flame?

Here is everything you need to know about the 72-hour twin flame test.

1) What is it?

The 72-hour twin flame test, also called the 3-day test, twin flame litmus test, and 72-hr TFT (true feeling test), is a simple process that many twins use to test the quality of their connection with their twin flame.

Some people believe that it takes about three days for your heart to open up to your twin and heal any negative feelings about them and the relationship you have with them.

The process is easy to complete and can show your love for them in a different light, helping you determine if they are your twin flame or not.

The theory behind this test is that when you experience certain feelings, it will indicate if you have truly made a connection with your twin and if they are your twin flame.

These feelings include worrying that maybe your twin’s soul isn’t ready for its return to earth, fear about what may happen if your twin has unfinished business on earth, and doubt about whether or not you have made a connection with them.

When you experience each of these feelings, you can usually determine whether or not you have made a connection within 72 hours; hence the name.

The test is easy and widely used among spiritual practitioners but works on the principle of trans-personal identification.

Essentially, the idea behind this test is that people often feel a deep connection to someone who resembles them physically and psychologically.

In many cases, people will meet their twin flame in this life because they believe it’s karma from past lives where they were no longer separated after their first death.

2) When to complete the test

You can complete the 72-hour twin flame test at any time during your twin’s mission to earth or after they have completed their mission.

Some people believe that even the hardest times are a good time to complete the test, but this is only an opinion.

It is usually best to do it while your twin is still on earth if they are separated or still working on their mission.

However, some people believe that such a test should not be done any time after the mission has ended.

They believe that doing this test after the mission is over will only have negative connotations and not be accurate in determining if you have already met your twin flame or not.

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3) What questions are asked during this test?

Wondering what questions you will be asked during this test?

There are numerous variations of questions that may be posed to determine if you have been successful in finding your twin flame.

Most of the questions are very similar, but some have more personal questions.

The following are some of the questions you might be asked and what they mean.

“Have we met before? YES/NO”

This means, “have you felt like you have known this person before?”. This can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

It may mean that you have passed many life challenges together, which would indicate a true and unbreakable bond between you.

“Would your friends describe me as ‘distant,’ ‘aloof,’ or ‘unapproachable?’ YES/NO”

This one can be tricky because it asks you to look at how your twin feels about himself or herself.

If your twin is holding back from you, it may be due to the twin’s perception of how he or she is feeling.

These can be unspoken feelings.

It could also mean that they are afraid of intimacy based on their fears, or that they have been hurt by others in the past and do not want to feel that pain again.

“Do I give you butterflies in your stomach? YES/NO”

This is one of the first feelings experienced in true love.

It means that when you are around this person, you feel giddy, excited, and happy.

This indicates a strong bond with your twin flame.

It could indicate that a connection has been made, but often, the more important question is, “does your twin feel this way about you?”.

“Are you frightened by my soul’s mission? YES/NO”

It can mean unfinished business on earth and/or fear about your twin’s ability to complete his or her mission successfully.

It could mean that your twin has passed to the other side and you have a chance at reuniting in soulful love.

It could also mean that you do not know exactly why your twin felt the need to come back to earth and was fearful of what he or she may be going through.

Fear is a hard feeling to work through.

If your twin shares a fear with you, it could indicate that you have passed some of life’s tests together, which can show a true bond between the two of you.

“Do I have any problems trusting my mind? YES/NO”

This means that your twin sees many issues in your life that could be resolved if you would trust yourself more.

This highlights an unbreakable bond between the two of you.

However, if your twin is trying to manipulate you into thinking only positive thoughts and not listening to what you think or feel, this could show instability in the relationship as a whole.

4) How to begin?

You can begin the 72-hour twin flame test in many different ways.

Some people prefer to set up three diaries, each with different colored paper that represents each day of the test.

To begin the test, write what you feel in your diaries each morning for three consecutive days.

Make a checkmark in your diary indicating whether or not you have checked off any of these feelings:

Also, note down any unusual feelings that you have throughout these three days.

It is important to note not to skip any days during this process.


Because it would be a shame not to complete the full three-day period.

If you feel something but do not wish to write it down, simply think of it the next day and check off anything that you feel.

If you do not feel anything on a day, then write “0” in your diary (the numbers represent how many checkmarks you have in your diary).

Whatever it is, the important thing is, you tried.

You may never find out the truth about your twin flame if you don’t complete this.

It’s not a matter of how much time you put into it.

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5) How to finish the test

After writing down your feelings for three consecutive days, write down what you feel about your twin and their unfinished business.

If you have checked off any of the negative feelings a few times, it might be time to let the process end.

However, if you feel that there is unfinished business between your twin and yourself, continue to write about it for a fourth consecutive day.

If you complete the entire fourth day without feeling any negative feelings then you should feel confident in being a soul mate.

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6) How to interpret your test results?

The first thing that you must do is use your intuition about what your test results mean for both you and your twin.

After the completion of the test, take the result to an angel reader. You should have one that works with you closely.

For example, if you hear any phrases like ‘in love,’ ‘I want to see him or her,’ ‘deep connection,’ ‘my heart hurts,’ and so on, then it might be time to cross over.

If there are no combinations of phrases that reflect your feelings of twin flame love then it is likely that nothing related has been found in this life.

Use this information with caution – it is just an opinion!

Some people believe that even though you may be able to check off all three negative feelings (love, happiness, joy), this still means that you are not ready for a twin flame relationship.

They say that this is because you are not yet truly ready to love yourself.

To be truly in love with your twin, you must first love yourself, then there will be no negative feelings.

You should concentrate on loving yourself, then finish the 72-hour twin flame test again.

And that’s it!

There are many different opinions about this controversial issue.

Many people agree with the statement above and believe that there is no need for the 72-hour test if it produces negative results for those first three days.

However, the most important part of the 72-hour twin flame test is to be aware of your feelings when doing it.

Many people fail to realize that when doing the test, they are releasing many of their fears and negative feelings from the past.

The test is designed to help you clear up those negative energies and make room for positive ones.

Therefore, it is important to understand what your Twin Flame’s mission is with you and what unfinished business still needs to be finished for you two to reconnect.

This article gives you a lot of insight into the 72-hour twin flame test. But understanding an issue can be just the beginning.

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