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Your twin flame is the person who perfectly mirrors your soul, and it will be the most intense relationship you will ever have in your life.

But you might have already met your twin flame at some point in your past, and for one reason or another, you two just weren’t ready to be each other’s ultimate relationship.

But your paths were destined to cross again eventually — this is known as a twin flame reunion.

When this event draws near, your mind and body can feel it coming; your soul and your twin flame’s soul begin to reverberate together on another level.

So how do you know that your twin flame reunion is approaching?

Here are 17 symptoms you might experience or feel as your twin flame reunion draws near:

1) You realize that something is missing

One of the first symptoms that you are about to reunite with your previously encountered twin flame is the feeling of intense incompletion.

As if you suddenly become aware that your soul isn’t whole, and there’s a part of you that seems to be out in the wild, apart from you.

Without this initial feeling of emptiness, you will never start thinking about trying to fill that emptiness, so the feeling of the “missing piece” is vital towards your natural journey towards reuniting with your twin flame.

Both you and your twin flame will have no idea what that missing piece might be.

One day you may feel like you’re living a life you can be content with, and the next day you’ll be feeling an overwhelming yearning towards filling a void within.

This intense feeling of unfulfillment lingers at the back of your mind; never strong enough to take over your thoughts completely, but persistent enough to always serve as a reminder that there’s something important out there you have to find.

It’s only as you piece together the other signs of this upcoming reunion that you realize this missing piece is your twin flame.

2) You feel their energy nearby

It’s difficult to define what energy actually is, or what it feels like.

In terms of attraction and twin flames, energy is that feeling of an active presence inside of you or around you, as if there’s some kind of electricity in the air.

You walk into an empty room and you feel that you aren’t alone, as if someone — specifically, your twin flame — is right next to you even if they may be thousands of miles away.

The intensity of this energy is unlike any other.

Without knowing it, you and your twin flame end up feeling each other’s emotions, thoughts, and personal levels of energy.

Your thoughts and moods become influenced by theirs, even if you aren’t thinking about them at all.

This is a symptom of your souls beginning to vibrate once more on the same frequency, as your inner selves know that a reunion is just a short matter of time away.

In certain cases you might even be able to see glimpses of them here and there, and even pick up on things they might be thinking about.

You probably can’t stop thinking about them as well.


3) You dream about each other

Twin flame dreams are some of the most powerful yet subtle experiences we can have on a day-to-day level.

We see visions in our dreams constantly, yet we fail to properly interpret them because we either forget them or think little of them.

But an easy way to remember your dreams is when they start becoming vivid, which is a major symptom of an upcoming twin flame reunion: you begin frequently and vividly dreaming about your twin flame.

You might not understand the dreams at first, because it’s possible that you haven’t interacted with your twin flame in months, if not years.

But the dreams pile one, night after night, and eventually, those dreams turn into daydreams throughout the day.

Whenever your mind drifts off, conscious or not, you find yourself seeing a certain person, someone with whom you once had an intense connection with.

If this is the case, then you might be dreaming about your twin flame, meaning they are probably dreaming about you as well.

In some dreams you might even be having the same dream at the same time, interacting with each other beyond the physical realm.

4) A real psychic confirms your reunion is close

The symptoms above and below in this article will give you a good idea if you and your twin flame are close to reuniting.

Even so, speaking to a real psychic will give you more clarity.

But how can you find a psychic you trust? In this day and age, it’s so important to stay away from fake ones.

I recently tried Psychic Source after going through a bad break up. They provided me with a unique insight into where my life was going, including who I was meant to be with.

I was actually blown away by how caring, compassionate and knowledgeable they were.

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Not only will a gifted advisor tell you more about the reunion with your twin flame, but they can reveal other important love aspects that affect counterparts.

5) You’re excited but also relaxed

Have you been feeling a certain level of unexplained excitement recently?

Sudden sensations of absolute joy seem to ricochet around your heart; bursts of happiness and giddiness come out of nowhere, and you can’t help but allow these feelings to physically manifest in the form of laughs and smiles.

Don’t try and fight these feelings. It’s almost impossible.

But when people around you ask you what’s going on, you really don’t have an answer at all.

But at the same time, your excitement never falls towards desperation or hype.

You never feel negatively anxious due to your excitement, in the way a person might feel when they have a big speech or presentation coming up.

Your soul is, ultimately, relaxed, and in a way almost nonchalant with verve.

This may seem like an oxymoron, but it really isn’t. As your soul prepares you for your reunion with your twin flame, your excitement builds up as your vibrations begin to match your twin flame.

But at the same time, your soul makes you feel relaxed, to help you align with your true desire and better match your twin flame.

6) You constantly see 11:11

The reunion with a twin flame is a major life event that will mark new beginnings and great changes in your life.

This means that when a twin flame reunion is nigh, your mind will begin collaborating with the universe and your soul to show you subtle signs here and there that major changes are about to happen.

One of the most common signs that we see right before a twin flame reunion is 11:11.

You might have noticed that you’ve recently begun seeing 11:11 constantly on your clocks and watches, or maybe even in street signs or posts on the internet.

For one reason or another, you can’t seem to go a day or two without seeing 11:11 at least once.

So what does 11:11 mean? 11:11 is the symbol for new beginnings. This set of numbers is known as the Awakening Code or the Twin Flame Code, and their frequent recurrence is a way for your soul to communicate the impending reunification with your twin flame.

7) You feel like you’re on a mission

In the grand scheme of things, twin flames are lightworkers bonded together to serve the universe and bring lightness where there is darkness.

You wake up one day and you have this unmistakable urge to do good for the world.

You feel a sense of service and discover a seemingly never-ending fount of empathy for all life residing in you.

For the first time in your life, you feel like you know why you exist and what your place is in the universe.

In other words, you discover your mission.

Nothing else matters but finding your twin soul and doing both your individual and joined soul missions. From the reunion day forth, you wake up with a sense of renewed purpose.

This sense of mission also manifests in your relationship with each other. Although your twin flame relationship will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced, you have to actually put in some work to get the most out of it.

8) You recognize them

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9) You see symbols everywhere you look

11:11 isn’t the only symbol you’ll start to see as your twin flame reunion ticks ever closer to the present.

Seeing symbols is a way for your mind to try to awaken your conscious self, preparing you for the reality that your twin flame is just around the corner.

Only if you turn “on” your antenna to actually spot and see the symbols around you can you truly appreciate just how often these symbols are appearing in your day-to-day life.

For example, if you find yourself frequently encountering a pair of animals, whether out in the world or in pictures or movies you come across, then this is a clear sign that you are about to connect with the other half of your soul in your twin flame.

Pairs of dolphins, wolves, lions, or even smaller animals like squirrels and birds are obvious signs of this.

Look out for symbols and signs in your life that can be interpreted to mean new beginnings, or the completion of an empty soul.

Once you start looking actively with open eyes, you’ll be amazed at just how often these symbols appear to you.

10) You feel drawn to a place

You and your twin flame are destined for one another, but that doesn’t mean you two will always connect naturally and organically in your everyday life.

Your soul and their soul may be about to intertwine, but you might need to go out of your way for that to first happen.

This is why you might be feeling like you’re drawn to certain places that you might not regularly frequent, for reasons you can’t explain.

For example, do you have a strange urge to join a new gym across town?

Is there a different coffee shop where you want to hang out, just because it feels right?

Have you been aching to go out of town or hit the beach the last few weeks?

This might be a result of your soul urging you towards the place where you and your twin flame are destined to cross paths.

So listen to yourself. Unexplained urges are just your soul’s way of speaking to you.

Souls and destinies don’t speak the language of words; they speak the language of symbols, of feelings, and it’s your job to notice those signs when they come.

11) You interact with them beyond the physical world

As your reunion with your twin flame approaches, both you and your twin flame will begin connecting on a deeper, spiritual, unbreakable level.

This begins with dreams, where you and your partner start to vividly dream about one another almost every night, and then it goes beyond dreams to your wakeful yet peaceful moments.

As you meditate or rest in silence, you might feel the connection with your twin flame almost as the spiritual and astral level.

There will be an undefined link between your two souls, and you will just know who it is at the other line.

By attracting them in the astral realm, you will better attract them in the physical world.

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12) You feel pumped and ready

Your brain might not be fully conscious of the fact, but your body will inevitably react to this looming reunion.

Seemingly out of nowhere, you’ll start to anticipate something, but you’re not quite sure what that something is.

You’ll find yourself more alert, excitable, and just expectant of something amazing to happen.

People who have experienced this phase often describe panic attack-like symptoms such as palpitations, sweaty palms, and anxiety.

You might not know what it is, but your soul understands that Divine Timing has come.

Divine Timing happens when your energy perfectly aligns with your twin flame’s energy. Divine Timing means everything in the world is lining up for the ultimate reunion.

Twin flame reunions are unlike any other reunion.

Every particle, every element, every start that matters in the universe aligns for this perfect moment of reconnection, of fusing energies together and turning them into a single unit.

As a result, your soul is overflowing with expectation and yearning, and your body goes on hyperdrive because it is the most human way our bodies manifest the upcoming reunion.

But as you know, when it comes to twin flame reunions, things rarely go as smoothly as we’d like them to.

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13) You have strange urges to do new or unfamiliar things

Do you feel the sudden urge to go to places you’ve never been to before or do things you normally wouldn’t do?

These unprecedented urges are another sign that your twin flame is a lot closer than you think.

Think of this as the universe’s way of guiding the two of you together.

Twin flames are like magnets; they can’t help but be drawn to one another.

If you have this unexplainable impulse-like urge to hop on a bus and go to a certain place, it’s the universe’s way of bridging the physical gap between you and your twin flame.

When the timing is right, even the universe will conspire to bring you together.

Contrary to popular belief, these desires aren’t always special or mysterious.

The urgent and sudden desire to go grocery shopping on the other side of town despite being fully stocked at home, or go visit your old childhood home could be part of the universe’s plan to reconcile you and your twin flame.

So if you have this burning desire to get to one place or do a certain thing, follow your soul in peace.

Your twin flame is likely experiencing the same thing, and following your individual paths will make it easier for yours to cross.

14) You don’t understand your new feelings

As your reconciliation draws to a close, unfamiliar convictions and feelings bubble up to the surface.

Two crucial things happen when you reunite with your twin flame: firstly, to truly soul bond with your twin flame, your entire being has to open itself.

Without you knowing, your subconscious expands and opens up, and all your preconceived beliefs, as well as your repressed feelings and thoughts come pouring out.

More often than not, these things which we have mentally cast are no longer recognizable in their truest and purest forms.

Secondly, your twin flame’s own convictions and feelings start to manifest through you. Soul bonding is an absolute and complete experience.

This reunion is the ultimate completion; a reunification of two souls so absolute that you’ll feel like you lived their life as if it was yours.

The initial jolt of new emotions can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to feeling certain emotions.

Practicing meditation as you feel the other symptoms is crucial to staying steady and clear minded throughout.

15) You have a feeling of completion

You wake up one day and you just feel irrevocably complete.

The problems you worried about yesterday still exist but you just feel absolutely secure in your place in the universe, as if the universe itself told you that you are exactly where you need to be.

Without a single doubt in your mind, you feel confident in your entire being. Gone are the days when you felt lonely, outcast, or alienated.

There is a new energy wave brimming inside of you that silences every single doubt that has crossed your mind.

Suddenly and yet understandably, you feel complete, without even the slightest need to seek validation from others.

16) The signs become clearer through meditation

Twin flame reunions can be intense and individuals who don’t prepare for this may experience some distress.

As their feelings, emotions, and own personality manifest through you, on top of the different signs and urges you’re experiencing, your brain feels like it’s running at 100 mph.

Funnily enough, you feel a growing peace inside of you and yet your mind is inexplicably busy.

Don’t get lost in all the signals and tune in to your inner channel.

Some people don’t even recognize the new feelings associated with the reunion because they’re so preoccupied with the mundane.

So whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the symptoms or the sheer weight of your everyday life, take some time to visit your mind palace and do some tidying up.

Meditation is a great way to improve your connection to the universe and your twin flame. Without clutter lying around, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters.

All of a sudden, your priorities are clearer and you have a better understanding of what comes next.

If you’re not sure if this new thing in your life is a sign that a reunion is impending or something else, take some time to meditate.

Your brain might not know it yet, but your soul already does.

Through meditation, you’ll be able to establish a connection between the temporal and the eternal, and all the answers you seek will eventually be revealed to you.

17) Your ego seems less important than before

Worldly possessions, petty arguments, and superficial feelings melt away like magic.

As your twin flame gets closer, your soul opens up on a new level and you transcend all that is physical and material.

As your soul expands and welcomes your twin soul, your identity becomes less about your Earth self and more about your true self.

You’re no longer enslaved by ego, frustrations, or insecurities; you start to understand that your energy is bigger and more meaningful than anything you’ve ever known on this planet.

As a result, you stop yearning for validation or superficial admiration.

The things that used to bother you, define you, and put anguish in your soul, no longer matter.

All of a sudden it’s as if all the worries of the world have vanished, never to return again.

All concerns regarding yourself and how others perceive you no longer matter; the only thing that has any sort of meaning is who you are and what your place is in the world, regardless of people’s opinion on it.


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